Raspberry Ketones are naturally occurring substances found in red raspberry fruit. The problem is these special ketones are limited per raspberry and would require eating undesirable amounts of raspberries in order to get the recommended dosage.

Raspberry Ketone Supplement For Losing Weight?

First, we need to understand the why and how raspberry ketones work within the body to produce weight loss results.

The special ketones in raspberry plants are known as phenolic compounds. raspberry ketonesThe raspberry ketone compounds found inside raspberries give them a distinct aroma and smell which enhances the taste and sweetness. Up until recently, ketones from raspberries were primarily used in food flavoring and fragrances.

Now the world acknowledges raspberry ketones for their publicized weight loss effects; which increases fat loss activity by boosting your metabolism and speeding up the process of burning fatty acids and fat cells for more energy. Raspberry Ketone Supplements and Dr Oz recently had a heart to heart on his tv show.

They were heard together announcing raspberry ketones as a dietary supplement that could burn fat and help you lose weight naturally. Could there really be an all natural fat burner derived from red raspberries?

The question we need to find the answer to is: “Are Raspberry Ketones a healthy fat burner?”

What are Raspberry Ketones?

Red Raspberries are not new and have been around for a very long time for medicinal and nutritional purposes. Over millennia we have come to all relate and agree that natural fruit berries such as raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, etc have health promoting benefits for detoxification.

what are raspberry ketonesEating natural fruits can provide systemic (whole body) detoxification and result in weight loss because ALL of the excess toxins and metabolic waste is stored inside your fat cells as your body’s defense mechanism.

Our bodies are naturally programmed to put on fat for energy. We do this in case there is not enough glucose (sugars) present.

Then we can bust up the excess fatty acids and fat cells to use for extra energy in our body. The by-product of this fatty acid metabolism and heat burning mechanism are called ketones. Ketones derived from red raspberries can act as an alternative energy supply while burning up fat cells for fuel.

Ultimately, this is we need to begin returning to nature to provide our diet on high quality fresh, whole foods which our body knows how to utilize and store better.

The problem is most of are carrying physically damaging toxins and can be considered a walking chemical cocktail.

These overburdening chemicals, toxins and harmful substances that control and manipulate our hormones are also effecting our innate weight management system. Weight loss hormones and body weight are controlled by your internal and external environment.

Most of us don’t realize how nutrient deficient boxed and processed foods are which cause hormonal imbalances and is proven to cause overeating. Overeating is arguably the number one reason why people gain weight in the first place.

Does that mean supplying the body with more “raspberry ketones” can increase fat loss stimulation and improve the weight loss hormone?

Fat Loss with Raspberry Ketones

While studies are limited using raspberry ketones as an aid in weight loss, it currently holds strong promise helping lose weight by increasing lipid metabolism and fatty acid breakdown. However, the only known and public clinical study using raspberry ketones was conducted with mice being fed a diet high in fat and calories.

raspberry ketones diet

Essentially they fattened up mice to then elevat their level of ketones to analyze their natural weight loss potential.

This weight loss study concluded their research after 10 weeks showing raspberry ketone supplementation stunted both kinds of fat gain (abdominal (visceral) and subcutaneous) while supporting in the breakdown of fatty acids and further preventing fatty liver development.

Based off this ketone study, it is safe to say raspberry ketones contain anti-obesity effects. Many of us need to improve our diet and food choices which also supports burning body weight and avoiding metabolic syndrome or overload.

Metabolic Syndrome is when your body’s metabolism is impaired and thus raises your risk of disease and many other health related problems.

Along with metabolic syndrome, conditions such as metabolic acidosis, where too much acid (look up alkaline vs acid) is in body fluids and acts as an underlying problem to most health challenges we face today.

Too much acidity in the body is a breeding ground for dis-ease, ailments, sickness, and deficiencies. Body fat is acidic by nature. Too much of it limits your body’s natural ability to respond and take care of itself.

Doctor Oz promoted raspberry ketones for losing weight by helping break down excess fatty acids which allows the removal and elimination of excess toxic fat most of us are carrying around.

How Do Raspberry Ketones Work?

The advertised Raspberry Ketone health benefits are centered on activating weight loss pathways in a few different ways.

raspberry ketones fat loss1. Increases body’s natural ability to oxide fat (fat oxidation) for more effective fat burning
2. Modulates the weight loss hormone adiponectin
3. Slows down and prevents fat uptake and absorption
4. Increases lipolysis or boosts lipid metabolism which frees fat from cells
5. Stimulates heat production or thermogenesis which burns BAT or brown adipose tissue
6. Acts as a natural glucose and fructose (sugars) replacement for the body’s energy supply.
7. Limits the accumulation of fat and suppresses fat production

The most interesting health benefit is raspberry ketones effect on adiponectin hormone and BAT.

What is Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT)?

As we alluded to earlier, the body has, manages, and utilizes two distinct types of fat. The unique fat tissue known as Brown Adipose Tissue creates heat versus storing it. raspberry ketones burn body fatThis special characteristic has put the limelight of weight loss research on the body’s ability to stimulate metabolically active depots of BAT within the body. The correlation between Raspberry Ketones and losing weight stems from this concept. Raspberry Ketones ability to increase fat burning production in the body and melting excess calories can result in quicker weight loss.

What is Adiponectin Hormone? – The Fat Cell Hormone

Adiponectin, pronounced (edi-po-nectin), is the fat cell hormone. Most associate fat cells as calorie storehouses in the body. As technology improves and weight loss research continues, we are beginning to understand the importance and significance hormones play on our body’s natural systems towards losing weight and fat storing habits.

raspberry ketones reviewFat cells produce and secrete hormones as they are being utilized, absorbed, and assimilated. Adiponectin is found within adipose tissues and acts as the good hormone regulating and modulating weight management in the body.

As we stated previously, raspberry ketones positively effect adiponectin levels which has been shown to:

lower blood sugar (glucose),
reduce levels of triglycerides (fatty acids),
improve sensitivity to insulin
increase fat burning ability.

What’s even more impressive about adiponectin is its linkage to being a; anti-hypertensive, anti-diabetic, anti-atherogenic, anti-inflammatory, and promoting anti-cancer functions and properties.

While all of the research doesn’t seem to be available or finalized, raspberry ketones already have been shown to improve secretion levels of the weight loss hormone adiponectin which have great health benefits and provide weight loss results.

Raspberry Ketones Dosage

After most look over the raspberry ketone information available, they can start to connect the dots of it having weight loss benefits and wonder what the optimal dosage is. Obviously eating highly processed and refined foods loaded with excess sweeteners and sugars should be your first priority if your serious about losing weight. No amount of raspberry ketones will ever offset poor dietary habits and choices.

raspberry ketones doseDr Oz recommended a serving size of raspberry ketones to be around 100mg. He then said you can bump it up to twice daily dosage of raspberry ketone supplement if you feel comfortable. My advice is to allow your body to warm up to the ketones and safely start to eliminate the breakdown of fatty acids and fat tissues.

Consuming natural red raspberries would require eating nearly ninety pounds to gain the amount of ketones effective for fat boosting and burning.
After you feel out your optimal raspberry ketone dosage level, it is best to supplement 30 minutes before a big meal to increase production of ketones and boost metabolism for better food digestion and breakdown.

Which Raspberry Ketone Supplement?

raspberry ketone pureThis is often the most asked question we get is “which raspberry ketone supplement is the best?”

The answer to that in our humble opinion is Raspberry Ketone Pure. They are not the cheapest raspberry ketones product but are sourced and manufactured better and contain other fat burning ingredients like African mango, acai berry, grapefruit, and kelp.

Understand that no pill, product, or potion should ever be considered a cure all for weight loss. Raspberry ketones should act as a kick start to your weight loss lifestyle and used in conjunction with appropriate exercise and diet.

The best part about Raspberry Ketone Pure supplement is that it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee which means you lose weight or you get a refund! Just remember to use raspberry ketones as a jump start to a new, healthier lifestyle full of wholefoods, fitness, and love.

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raspberry-ketone-BenefitsRaspberry ketone is at the top of the charts as a powerful fat burning weight loss supplement. Many people are facing weigh loss problems and are always looking for the best alternative for weight control.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when looking for a supplement that can help you get to your desire weight is to ALWAYS look for natural alternatives. This is one of the most important characteristics of a raspberry ketone supplement. Raspberry Ketone is an organic compound derived from raspberries. The ketones are known to be responsible for the intense color of the raspberries.

Studies on raspberry ketones have revealed the weight loss properties of the substance as it helps enhance metabolism and increase the temperature of the body, which accounts for the fat burning abilities of the supplement.
Not only can raspberry ketone help the body burn fat naturally, but also the ketones have been shown to have a connection with the secretion of adiponectin, a hormone that regulates many metabolic processes and the percentage of fat in the body. Higher levels of adiponectin equal lower fat levels.

Raspberry ketone supplements have been feature in Dr. OZ where he calls it a “revolutionary metabolism booster” and “a miracle fat burner in a bottle”. The weight loss control properties of raspberry ketones are now becoming more popular in he Unites States and North American, where many people are seeing result with the supplement. The health benefits of the supplement were not always a secret; ketones have been use in Asia for centuries where people have use it to speed up metabolism and as a staple in their diet.

The Truth about Raspberry Ketone Supplements

what-is-raspberry-ketoneThe fact is you don’t have to live your life overweight and always self conscious about the way you look and feel, there are natural alternatives like raspberry ketones that can help you obtain the results that you are searching for. After the studies of raspberry Ketone came out and were known by the public many testimonials have been generated from people that use the supplements and have seen results.

On this Raspberry Ketone Review my intentions are not to tell you that Raspberry ketone can help you lose weight by tomorrow, what I’m trying to tell you is, that this is a powerful aid to your weight loss problems and if you know how to effectively combine it with exercise and proper eating habits you can start losing weight in no time.

Many people think that by using a weight loss supplements they will see results by only taking a product, this is never the case. Weight loss is the combination of many habits that you must do in order to guarantee long-term results.

No one likes to be on a diet, this is why the best way to lose weight with a raspberry ketone supplement is not getting in a temporary diet, but instead fomenting healthy habits that will eventually make you feel like you are not in a diet. Remember, the only diets that work are the ones that make you feel like you are not on a diet. We humans are complex creature and every action we perform also has a psychological site to it, having a better grasp of how your body and mind work is key to win the bottle against weight control.

The Best Raspberry Ketone Supplement

After reviewing several raspberry ketone supplement in the market, always looking for quality ingredients, customer testimonials and results, we recommend using Raspberry Ketone Pure.

Raspberry Ketone Pure

Raspberry ketone Pure contains a blend of ingredients with fat burning properties that can help weight management. The ingredients in raspberry ketone plus include:

african-mangoAfrican Mango: It a powerful weight loss ingredient that has also been feature in Dr. OZ. African mango has been proven to help reduce appetite and burn fat. Studies on African mango suggest that it can help increase Leptin, a protein that controls the intake of food by regulating appetite. Leptin signals the body when it has had enough to eat, controlling this protein can significantly influence your appetite.

raspberry-ketone-apple-ciderApple cider Vinegar: has been use for centuries to promote digestion. Apple cider helps the breakdown of the food for proper digestion.
Kelp Extract: this is a super food that contains many vitamins and minerals to enhance nutrition while taking the supplement. Like apple cider vinegar kelp is consider to aid digestion and the proper break down of the food.

Grapefruit-raspberry-ketoneGrapefruit: is the #1 foods recommended on diets to lose weight. Grapefruits are loaded with digestive enzymes to help digestion and bowel movements. For greater weight loss result try having a grape fruit for breakfast, for better bowel movement. Remember everything that comes in, must come out in a healthy body.

raspberry-ketone-acai-berryAcai Berry: Acai berry were introduce to the market back in 2007 and ever since, it has proven to be a powerful weight loss formula in western society. It has produce hundreds of testimonials and has also been feature in Dr. OZ as a weight loss ingredient.

Green Tea Extract: Green Tea has been use for centuries in Asia as a energy booster that helps speed up your metabolism.

Remember that additional to take it any supplement to lose weight we encourage to follow a healthy and active Lifestyle for long lasting results.


To learn more about raspberry ketone and the weight loss benefits of the supplements we encourage you to check out our “Frequently asked Questions” about raspberry ketone. If you have any more questions after reading this section, feel free to use our “contact us ” page to send us any question that may remain unanswered to you .

What are raspberry ketones?

red raspberry ketonesRaspberry ketone is a compound found in raspberry use to burn fat naturally and to help weight control. To get the benefits of raspberry ketones simply, eating raspberries every day is not sufficient. To see maximum weight loss results is recommended to take a supplements.

Can Raspberry ketones help with weight control?

Yes, raspberry ketone is known as a powerful fat burner supplement. Raspberry ketone helps with the secretion of a hormone known as adiponectin, which is in charge of signaling the body to stop eating when it has had enough to eat. When the levels of adiponectin are too low the body doesn’t know when to stop eating, which can cause cravings and over eating. Additionally studies have suggested that adiponectin has an inverse correlation with the presence of fat in the body. While adiponectin is high and presence in the body, the levels of fat will remain low.

adiponectin is one of the significant ways that raspberry ketones help manage weight control.

Are there any side effects, when taking raspberry ketones?

Because raspberry ketones come from a natural source there hasn’t been any side effects reported with the substance. However you should always look for quality ingredients when looking for a raspberry ketone supplement, as the quality of the ingredients can determine the experience that you will have with the product. After researching many supplements in the market, and reviewing testimonials from raspberry ketone users, we recommend Raspberry ketone Pure.
Raspberry ketone pure is made with quality natural ingredients and there hasn’t been any side effects related to the supplement.

How do I know if raspberry ketone will work for me?

raspberry ketones faqThis is probably one of the most ask question and what many people are wondering when looking for a raspberry ketone supplement. The truth about raspberry ketone supplements and any supplement for that matter is that you can’t lose weight over night by just taking a pill. It does require some effort to effectively lose weight. What raspberry ketone can and will do if you take it, is to help you speed up the weigh loss process by burning fat store in your cells. To see faster results while taking a raspberry ketone supplement we recommend following a healthy lifestyle rich in whole foods, fruits, vegetables and water.

The fact is you don’t have to follow some magic diet but if you stick to eating foods in their natural state, drinking water and keep active you will shed the pounds off easily.

Is raspberry ketone a credible weight loss supplement?

There have been studies that support the weight loss properties of raspberry ketone additional to raspberry Ketone supplement appearance in Dr. OZ show. During the show Dr. Oz and Lisa Lynn talk about how raspberry ketone has been proven to help burn fat and even calls it a “miracle fat burner” in a bottle.raspberry ketones supplement


Raspberry Health Benefits

Raspberries are organic sweet fruits with a slight tart taste and a soft texture that almost makes it melt in your mouth. Raspberries are delicious and are usually in limited supply. Most raspberries are cultivated in California from June through October.

Like Blackberries, raspberries are a member of the rose family and posses a delicate structure. Raspberries are full of a substance naturally found in the fruit that is known as ellagic acid. Ellagic Acid is rich on phytonutrients, which gives the fruit its powerful antioxidant properties.


Phytonutrients on Raspberries

raspberry-reviewStudies on raspberry have discovered the many benefits of the fruit including antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic properties.

As a powerful antioxidant fruit, due to its high content in Ellagic acid, raspberries can help prevent the oxidation of the cells and help neutralize the presence of free radicals. Ellagic acid is not the only well known phytonutrient present in raspberry; flavonoids are also a well-known substance present in the fruit. Among the flavonoids in raspberry we find, kaempferol, quercetin and the cyanidin-based molecules known as cyanidin-3-glucosylrutinoside and cyanidin-3-rutinoside, this group of flavoids is categorize under the anthocyanin category.

Anthocyanin, is another key substance that gives raspberry its powerful antioxidant and antimicrobial properties which includes the growth of bacteria such as fungi.
The antioxidant capabilities of raspberries are 50% more powerful than strawberry, 10 times more powerful than tomato, and 3 times more than the antioxidants in Kiwi.
Additional to the many unique phytonutrients present in raspberries, the fruit also contains vitamin and minerals such as vitamin C, potassium, magnesium and folate.
Studies done on raspberry suggest that the fruit inhibits the production of metalloproteinase enzymes, which are essential for the health and development of cells and tissues.

Raspberries are also the only fruit that contains raspberry ketone, a powerful substance classified as a natural fat burner. Raspberry ketone has been known to increase the production of the adiponectin hormone that is connected to the levels of fat in the body. When the body has high levels of adiponectin, studies have shown that the levels of fat in the body are significantly low. adiponectin has an inverse connection with fat.

High levels of adiponectin = Low levels of fat.

Even thought raspberry ketones come from raspberries, to get significant amount of the ketone substance and to see weigh loss results, a person would have to eat over 90lb of raspberries a day. This is why if you want to use raspberries for weight loss control is recommended to supplement with a raspberry ketone supplement.

8 important Facts about Raspberries

  • Raspberries don’t have any fat value, saturated fat or any cholesterol.
  • Raspberries are high in fiber folate, vitamin C and Potasium. Some of the fiber content in raspberry is soluble fiber presence in the form of pectin, a powerful compound that helps lower cholesterol.
  • Raspberries are antioxidants, antimicrobial and anti-carcinogenic.
  • Raspberries are known to help lower high blood pressure
  • Raspberries are high in ellagic acid, a substance high in anti-carcinogens.
  • Due the anti-inflammatory properties of raspberry they can help reduce body inflammation in joints and body organs.
  • Raspberries are known to contain a compound known as lutein important in promoting a healthy vision.
  • Raspberry ketone a powerful fat burning substance is derive from raspberries.



The Raspberry Ketones